Dear visitor, citizen of the World. We welcome you to our webbpage  and we are grateful you are here. Allow us to inform you of the  tragedy we endure since 1974, which is summarized as follows:

  • Cyprus’s Northern part is occupied following a Turkish military invasion in 1974.
  • We are the living victims of that invasion and occupation. First, second and third generation of refugees and displaced people.
  • We are the indigenous Greek Cypriot population who were ethnically cleansed from the occupied part of Cyprus by Turkey in 1974.
  • In 1974 we constituted the great majority of 85% of the population in the occupied areas of Cyprus and we were the owners of over 85% of the private land and business activity in the occupied areas of Cyprus
  • We wish to remind the world that the continuing occupation do not alter these facts.
  • We feel forgotten by the World when we should not be, because the Rule of Law dictates so.
  • We strongly protest to the fact that the European Union and the United Nations have turned their back on us and are pressing us to compromise and accommodate the flagrant violation of International Law, as well as the violation of our Human Rights and basic freedoms, by Turkey, in the name of political expediencies, strategic and economic interests.
  • We are equal European and World citizens and we demand equal treatment.
  • We have the right to have our country liberated from occupation and our Human Rights and Basic Freedoms restored. Our Human Rights and Basic Freedoms shall only be restored by returning and resettling on our land and homes, back in our villages and towns in North Cyprus, free from occupation troops and settlers. Any other alternative option is contrary to the Rule of Law.
  • We ask for your help. Write or talk to your MP, your Government in support of our legitimate demands.
  • Citizens of the World we should stand together in the quest for justice, remembering that: our problem today may be anybody’s problem tomorrow.